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Thursday, June 21, 2007 ♥
:) ♥ 11:30 PM

Yay! Finally exams are OVER! Straight after that go Happy family's home and at 12pm, the whole house except ZQ is sleeping-___-"

ZQ refused to drive and say if i want to go Fremantle, i'll have to drive:( So, give up and sent Winnie home. Drop in her home to disturb Holven and hang around watching Russel Peters. Damn funny.

End up going to Fremantle:):):) Haha, ZQ drove in the end. I win, you lose*stick out tongue*

So much for going there because.... I DIDN'T GET TO EAT MY FISH AND CHIPS!!!

I have a funny feeling it was KW's idea to go Little Creature(brewery). That crazy guy bought so many cups of beer and didn't drink much. Too much money is it?

Oh, the girls except Christine and Vivian(again!) drank. Don't fancy beer very much.

Disclaimer: We borrowed the drinks to pose only!

And if you are wondering why there are 2 colours of beer, that is because the darker one is mixed with rose thus diluted.
After that, went to Happy family home first because Wei Yao joining us to go Mundaring for dinner.

While waiting for him, we saw KW's socks and everybody start laughing at him.


Everybody was just too hungry...

This time i made sure everybody hands off the pizzas! You can see KW looking glum that he has to wait until i'm done:P

Albert, i think the number of times you went to Burswood in the 2 weeks you were here beats my entire 1 year i was here. Only went there once and never gamble. Asked you how many times you went, you lost count-___-" That is what happens when you stay at the Happy family i guess.

After that, Happy family home for MANJONG:) ZH, stop acting pro la. My 师父(read Daisy) is the pro can? I'm gonna be pro one day too. Won you so many times today actually.

♥ Princess Serene

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