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Wednesday, May 16, 2007 ♥
Visit to CDV home ♥ 11:21 PM

After Accounting 101 class, was mentioning that i had never been to Christine, Daisy and Vivian's home and who would thought that i would end up having lunch there!

Well, at first CDV wanted to city to meet KW and YL but they assumed that the guys are getting them before going. They even wanted me to cut class to go with them. You guys still are my friends or not??? ASK ME TO SKIP CLASS. 我不懂你们啦!Obviously, i'm not about to skip class just to go city to eat lunch.

I thought i would be the only one left in school(Notice how bad the peer pressure was!) and i called ZQ to bring me out for lunch but that guy have a screwed body clock and said that he will call me later=not bringing me out.

In the end, when the girls found out that KW and YL were already in city, they wanted to go home. As usual, i got VERY good suggestions:) Called Shonia and we are on our way to their home!

Vivian and Christine cooking fried rice.. Daisy wash the plates in super hot water. Insane! Ok, how often can you see Shonia actually doing work??? Amazing!

Well, blur me forgot to tell ZQ about the change of plans but all is well now:) I seriously need a car!

♥ Princess Serene

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