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Thursday, May 17, 2007 ♥
A very special day ♥ 11:48 PM

I thought i would go visit Winnie cos she's sick and hopped into Holven's car. I think i went into the wrong car because Holven is bringing Daisy to Ikea-_-" Not that i mind since i LOVE Ikea. They got like the best stuff at incredulous prices! Daisy needed to get stuff so yeah, i tagged along and ate meatballs for lunch:):):) Got stuff as usual! Can't help myself!

Thank you Holven for being my wonderful driver:) Bringing me to places and best of all, help me find cars! I know nuts about cars so you are always the one checking here and there while i stand there like a idiot. Didn't buy any used cars but i really appreciate your help! Plus, you always make me laugh. I don't know why but when i see you or think of you, i just laugh. Ok, i'm laughing now... About one group of people running into your room*burst out laughing again* Inside joke, want to know ask me!

I finally decided that i should just get a new car and went to buy one:) I had never spent so much money in the entire 20 years of my life.

Thursday happens to be late night shopping. Oh yes, shops in Perth close at 5pm monday to Wednesday, 9pm on Thursday and Friday, 1pm on Saturday and only shops in city open on Sunday. See how deprived i'm here?! And the taxis here cost a bomb*pitiful looking face*

Ok, i digress. Anyway, i spent an obscene amount of money shopping*bite lips* Ok, moving on...

I HEART my mirror! I finally found my mirror! Can't help but keep taking pictures of myself:):):)

You know, shopping actually keeps you fit! My calves hurt!

♥ Princess Serene

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