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Sunday, May 20, 2007 ♥
Traumatised ♥ 7:01 PM

I never realised how dark it gets nowadays. When you stay in a safe place like Singapore, you don't need to worry about staying out late because simply because it is so safe*duh* And usually, one of my friends would be driving so i never have to worry about staying out late since i know that i would be sent home safely anyway. I must be looking very worried because Jonny was like, 'serene are you ok? You looked very worried.' Oh course will looked worried la! I never bus home this late before. This is probably my first time. Besides, i'm a girl=weaker=can't fend for myself as well as guys. Thanks for getting me to my bus stop. It has been a long time since i catch my bus! I know! Don't give me that -_-"face ok! And i thought that the self defense tip was good:) I think it might work, shame that i never got the chance to use it. It got so dark when i got home that i nearly missed my bus stop. I think i never prayed as fervently to God as yesterday.

I think we went for a gathering rather than studying! Went shopping in the city for about 1 hour, meet up with Wilson, Joyce and Mel at Ruth's workplace and ate apple pie(YUM!) before proceeding to the library for some serious studying for 1 hour(it's an improvement from 0 to 1 hour hor!) and then bubble tea! Wilchen Kor kor! I'm trying to study! Ain't you proud of me?

Talking to Jonny after we studied reminds me how painfully i miss the old C & S. We used to be good buddies 4 years ago. Then S changed first. It was a slow unnoticeable change yet a change that terrified me that i don't seemed to know you anymore. I'm still trying to accept it even 4 years later. And C? Someone else got into your life and she couldn't understand this relationship that we had and thus, we slowly drift apart.

I still reminiscence the days when i cried and you can always managed to make me laugh.
The days when we do things together.
The days that we support each other.
The days that we discussed about what our future behold.
The days that we shared jokes.
The days that we go church together.
The days that we struggled through our work.
And hell yes i got into trouble for talking too much to the 2 of you in Theolo.
I also remembered C telling me that if have a clear face skin and nice straight teeth, i'll be pretty. If there was a time that you lied to me, perhaps only this once.

I guess beautiful moments like this never last. Life still have to move on. I wish, you two remembered the times we had together too. Memories are meant to be packed into your heart to make it hurt that once in the while when you take them out for a little airing.

♥ Princess Serene

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