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Monday, May 28, 2007 ♥
Henry and Debbie wedding ♥ 12:50 PM

Finally, the big day has arrived! Congratulations to Henry kor kor and Debbie jie on your special day!

I didn't know that a wedding takes sooo much preparations but in a small church here, it is inevitable that everybody is involved some way or other. After Saturday church service, the aunties did the flowers in the church hall but i think they overlooked the bridal car or maybe Debbie wanted to do it herself but she was way too busy. Ashton and wilson was supposed to do it but then i happened to go out of the church and saw Ashton attempting to strangle tie the bears to the car and i started laughing. He looked like he could do with some help and soooo, serene took over. Thank God that my mum does enough of this kinda of stuff and i have to draw from my vague memories of how she did it. I decided that i need intensive training from my mum.

It started raining the night before when we went for test drive. One of the flowers broke off-__-" And the rest was too damn tired to care but everything must be perfect for the special day! Thank God that nothing fell apart on the wedding day itself.

A whole lot of pictures should be self explanatory.
In the morning Sunday wedding service.

Later... at the reception

My table of people:)

Towards the end, i think we "yam seng" too much(because there are like 2 more tables of youths and we went to each others' table) and we all got pretty high*wink wink* And no, the blush on my face is not alcohol aided... i think. It was rather warm and toasty in the restaurant so yeah.

I'm so wiped out after Saturday and Sunday! Been sleeping at 1am:( Will have a real rest on Tuesday!

♥ Princess Serene

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