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Friday, April 06, 2007 ♥
Top ten reasons why i need a car. ♥ 10:25 PM

1. Public transport in Perth sucks.
2. Public transport in Perth on public holidays sucks even more.
3. I don't deserve to be embarrassed by some random guy who decide to wolf whistle and honk at me no matter what i wear.
4. I don't need to trouble the whole world.
5. I got more important things to bother about like getting full marks for examinations instead of stressing about how to get from point A to B.
6. I can do some good by giving people a lift.
7. Cars in Perth ain't as expensive as in Singapore yet more crucial.
8. It's dangerous to be walking home after dark. People DO get randomly killed here.
9. I don't deserve being threatened by people to not take me home just because i offended them.
10. Just because i'm a girl doesn't mean i get driven around all the time.

♥ Princess Serene

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