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Tuesday, April 17, 2007 ♥
Self reflection time after easter break ♥ 8:03 PM

Alright, i think had been going out waaaay too much. Besides the pictures i had posted on my blog, there were numerable activities that are shorter but when i looked back, they took up most of my time. Obviously, when mid semester examinations are round the corner and all the work in front of you seems to be alien like 'did the lecturer went through this', you know it's time to reflect on what you had done for the past two weeks of easter break.

To record what i had done in the last 14 days

Mandaring walk and Rottnest took up 4 days. 3 days is the actual thing, 1 day for packing and anticipation.

Pedicure/spa at home with Tash- 1 day

Church service plus Adult-youth fellowship- 3 and 1/2 days

Shopping/online shopping- 2 day

Photoshop and blog- about 2 days

Grocery shopping/making cheesecake- 1 day

Clean up room- 1/2 day

Study- 0 days

Total= 14 days

Looks like i made a great attempt not to study. I even clean up my room! I'm not sure whether it is something to be proud or not though. Well, at least my mum will be pleased to know that her daughter is doing something housewifely domestic. Like cooking things from scratch and not instant.

At least i enjoyed myself thoroughly... But how to be top student like this???

Note to self: Yes, exams is this week! Next time try planning my time better. This time, looks like i'm pretty screwed:(

♥ Princess Serene

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