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Wednesday, April 11, 2007 ♥
Rottnest island(9Apr-10Apr2007) ♥ 3:37 PM

At the Bell tower near the Perth Barrack Street Jetty where we will be boarding the ship.

Bon Voyage!

On the 90 minutes ride to Rottnest. The wind was pretty strong so we were in for a rough ride and a lot of people were throwing up. I don't know why, but i found it fun, as in the ride, not people throwing up. The houses you are seeing cost at least 1 million. Minimum.
The guys were doing what they do best:)

Look at the amount of stuff we bought along for just one night! Hello Rottnest!

YHA Kingstown hostel... The place that we will be staying for the night.

Lunch! Look who's here for a visit! A Quokka!

Naughty Holven drift with his bicycle and made Winnie fall,
Poor Winnie cut herself and start to bawl.

Ok, she didn't. It was very brave of her. Holven, you ought to be ashamed of yourself!

At the lighthouse

Jump for joy!

At 2 different beaches. David was complaining that if we keep stopping at every beach for half an hour, we will never make it to home. Well, it's hard not to stop when everything is just soooo breathtaking especially to a deprived Malaysian/Singaporean.

We have to cycle so much! I think i never cycled that much in my entire life before. Even Winnie was stressing when David was explaining the map to us.

At some random dried up lake

Ah, see Rottnest support PINK too! They even have a Pink lake:):):) Makes me happy!

It was so tiring to cycle for the whole day so it wasn't funny when the roads keep going uphill. To illustrate my point, notice that everybody came down of their bikes to walk up.

I guess all the tough work was worth the beautiful, heart stopping view.

My friend, the Quokka! They are just so cute*squeals*

The two 酒鬼. They make very good entertainment. It's ok Winnie, it was more hilarious than shameful:)

Breakfast at the famous bakery there. It was the one and only bakery so it pretty much explains everything.

While waiting for the shuttle bus to bring us to Geordie Bay.

At Geordie Bay... Having lotsa fun!

Truth or dare and its penalties. It must be my lucky day! I didn't get any Ace except for the last one. Christine got all the Aces and she have to do some funny stuff.. Sometimes, i think the penalty doesn't seem to be a penalty. Asking a guy to kiss the girl? Isn't that 赚到 for the guys?

Brace yourself for some gayness

Reality hits, it's time to go home again. To school, to homework, to assignments:(

On the way home, saw shoes hanging on the telephone lines. How do you do that? This isn't the first time already!

Once again, i'm happy+exhausted+deliciously tanned:) I'm ready for winter!

♥ Princess Serene

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