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Monday, April 23, 2007 ♥
On examinations ♥ 7:19 PM

I reckon God has a strange sense of humor. You see, when there are examinations tribulations, people tend to pray more to Him. Come on, admit it. When we meet with problems, we are more likely to pray longer and more fervent than usual. Ok, it sounds so hypocritical that we only look for Him when we need Him but it is true. When my examinations come, i will be so stressed up and inevitably pray longer. I betcha God loves examinations because then all the students will be begging Him for help and guidance.

And digressing a little, I'll try not to hate myself when i don't get full marks for my examinations. I used to hate those people that says, 'I only got 80 marks!' and proceed to sigh and whine. I think i just became one of them-_-" Well, when you are overseas and paying exorbitant prices for your school fees, i guess it is obligatory to be an overachiever*sigh*

♥ Princess Serene

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