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Sunday, April 08, 2007 ♥
Mandaring Bush walk ♥ 11:19 PM

Nature is just so beautiful. I'm sure my mum will love it when she sees them.
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Yes, that woman and i again.
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As we are travelling towards Mandaring, we saw trucks moving houses. And i mean practically doing so. Imagine one day going home to a piece of land. "Sorry, you didn't pay your mortgage so we are taking your home away". Ok, i find it extremely hilarious.
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At the beginning when everybody is so excited.

Can i have a camel so that i don't need to walk all the 10km?

Wth? No horses? Means that i have to walk?

Along the way... Wilson and Winnie with the Hong Kong nut

At Hewett's hill. Our midpoint when people are still quite alive:)

Group photo!

Helena Valley.

It was a long road... Trust me.

Just sat on a tree stump because i don't want to walk anymore. I might be smiley in the picture but honestly, i'm seriously tiiired. Haha, Kobe and Shonia decided to join me=P

Isn't God's creation just so wonderful?

Ladies and Gentlemen, you are looking at *drumroll*

You guys sitting in the comfort of your seats better appreciate the view. It was a looooong walk.

This is the water pipe that goes up North for the people living there.

After so much whinning and "are we there yet?"s, we can finally chill at the Mandaring resort. I'm not sure our dress code was really proper or not but i reckon it must be because we didn't get kicked out=)

I took so many shots of the parrots! We looked like idiots standing there 'oohing and ahhing' at the parrots eating fries-_-"

I apologise for not sighting any Kangeroos during my walk. Hope this make up for it!

All the calories that was burned during the 5 hours walk was instantly replaced in 5 minutes. Damn!
Anyway, how many people are lucky enough to eat the world best pizza? Me, me, me!*flail hands around*

Sooooo tired but happy:)
A big THANK YOU! to Mr Responsible Da Wei ge ge for being our driver and in doing so make this trip a success:)

♥ Princess Serene

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