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Sunday, April 01, 2007 ♥
I'm tough ♥ 2:05 AM

I'm not going to let anybody bring me down.

I'm sorry if i'm not skinny enough.
I'm sorry if i'm not pretty enough.
I'm sorry if i'm not smart enough.
I'm sorry if i'm not witty enough.
I'm sorry if i'm not tall enough.
I'm sorry if i'm too bimbotic for you.
I'm sorry if i'm talk too much.
I'm sorry if i'm not cute enough.

But you know what, there is no end to pleasing men. That's all the apologies you will get from me. I had enough! From today onwards, I'm going to live for myself. I'm sick of being the one who is in the wrong. Nobody can actually understand how i feel but I had survived through tough phases and i'm going do fine with this one for i know, God is always there for me and i'm not alone. I'M LOVED.

♥ Princess Serene

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