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Sunday, April 15, 2007 ♥
Hymnal evangelism and fellowship ♥ 11:00 PM

Thank God I didn't embarrass myself playing the violin. Not as bad as i thought:) There was like this hot flush i was experiencing when i was playing. I hope i didn't blush too much/too obvious*start blushing again*

That was yesterday. Today we had an Adults-youths fellowship. So instead of the mothers cooking, we, the youths have to do it. I think we kinda of mess up the kitchen but it was all good:) I didn't know that preparing food is soooo exhausting! Food was fantastic though:):):)

Proudly done by Grace. I thought it was cute.

Our cheesecake! Thank God that it came out alright because all the ingredients were added by estimation:P Lisa made the bottom and i made the top:)

Simon always make me laugh, just by being there.

I decided to go home after lunch with Ben because i seemed to be oh-so-tired. Noticed that in the picture above? I looked damn washed out and no, i didn;t go out party last night. Fainted in bed for a few hours. I had 9 hours of sleep the previous night so what is wrong with me???

Tomorow will be the end of my easter break. Good bye to fun, hello to studies and *gasp* MID SEMESTER EXAMINATIONS! How come it came without my knowing? Great, i'm in deep crap... Hello, some divine intervention needed here*start wave arms towards heavens*

♥ Princess Serene

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