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Monday, April 02, 2007 ♥
For a long time... ♥ 7:43 PM

I don't think i enjoyed myself this thoroughly. I had been so stressed lately and i thought yesterday was a really well deserved one.

I think i finally found somebody who i can connect to. Shonia. That warm fuzzy feeling that i know her really well although we had only met last year. Yes, it was the same feeling that i had when i met RP and Esther. I hope this friendship really last! Well, to begin with, we got good telepathy:) Haha, RP and Esther, don't get jealous! Shonia isn't gonna replace you two. She is special, like you two are to me. I wonder why. I'm meet people with totally different personalities yet i'm amicable with them. When i went out with Shonia, i miss you two terribly. She seemed to remind me painfully of you two. Like when I feel comfortable to talk about certain stuff to her that i wouldn't have told others. The easy companionship and the endless conversations we had. Doesn't that sound familiar?

Anyway, i digress. Perth city is so small and we two walked for 5 freaking hours?? We were at Myers when we saw this.

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Shonia: Did you see that?!
Me: Erm, maybe it's the latest fashion?
Shonia: Woman, you siao(crazy) ah?

Then both of us was laughing so hard that people around us might be doubting our sanity. My legs were a lil' sore at the end of the day though. Well, this wouldn't have happened in Singapore! I need more practise! Went by Jesters to say hi to Ruth. Poor thing, left alone in the shop to serve customers. Hope i made her a little happier:)

After that, popped by UWA because Shonia wanted to pass my accounting book to her friend. Then i remembered that i wanted to visit Jonny for ages so gave him a call. Ahhh! Miss him so much because i haven't seen him for so long!

I think he is talented. Look at all the figurines he painted! They are a lil' evil looking though.
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My latest Best Female Friend(BFF)
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Then at night, i went to Zhi Qiang, Zhi Hao, Yao Long, Kang Wei and Tay's place. It wasn't a planned thing but that ZQ haven't finished his EBS assignment and keep calling me or MSN me to check answers. I was so exasperated because i was having a bloody bad headache and had had a bad night the day before that i say i'll go his home. I didn't realised that he would take it seriously-_-" He came and got me. And sped home. Told him that he was speeding then he said it was ok because when he came, the roads were clear. Oi! Where got this kind of logic??

I intended to stay like 1 hour but then i only left at 1am. Well, i don't regret. They are a bunch of funny people and i feel comfortable around them. I don't think i can survive in their house though. They sleep like weird hours(read: 4am onwards). I'll die if i go their house everyday.

Before i went to their place, i had already brushed my teeth. When i got there, these people are just sooo evil! First, ZQ took out potato chips and offered them to me. I was like, ' i brushed my teeth already', and he have to PURPOSELY munch them and exclaim how yummy it is. Tay was also at the table doing his marketing assignment. Then Yao came to help him. Everybody was eating potato chips except me:( Yao didn't hear the conversation between ZQ and me so he asked me why i didn't eat.

(All my conversations are in Chinese, below is the translated version)

Yao: Why don't you eat?
Me: Don't want, i already brushed my teeth.
Yao: It's ok, go home and brush again.
Me: Don't want! Fats!!
Tay:(whispered to Yao a bit too loudly) Toothpaste is expensive, you know?
Yao: i got a new toothbrush here, you can use it.
Me: -_-"""

And yes, in the end i ate the evil potato chips. Then Yao have to take out the ice cream. -_-" again. And he gave me a huge cup! I'm pretty sure the ice cream is like super fat cause it is thick and made me happy. By this time, i was pretty full then Yao come out with another stunt. Sugared crackers. No wonder ZQ can keep in shape la. Round is a shape, isn't it?

I suspect that i laughed so much that i could have toned abs but then these people feed me so well, you wouldn't see it. After a while, i got a bit cold and i wanted to drink a little red wine. Well, the red wine i opened last year at Kang Wei's birthday was still there so i took it out. ZQ was like, 'you can't drink it, it's spoilt by this time', took it away from me before i could protest and promptly put it back into the fridge. Asked him why don't throw it away and he gave me a random answer which i couldn't remember. He gave me beer instead. Eeeyer, beer isn't as nice as red wine lo. Yes, and then these guys keep on saying me.

ZQ: I hate girls who smoke and drink.
Me: I don't smoke!
ZQ: You are half way there already.
Yao: Haiz*shake head* I can see your pimples coming out le. Just now you never drink i can't see but now can see clearly.
Me: (feeling sian cause kenna shoot from all sides)

By the way, i did finished my EBS assignment and Accounting tutorial. ZQ, you better hope that your answer for Question 2 is correct! I trusted you and changed my answer. If not, 3 marks just went go bye bye. And i'll be very sad. Well, annoyed him quite a fair bit. Shonia, your Zhi Qiang ge ge method is great. Haha, who call him say i'm very 'teh'. I didn't even do anything*insert a wide eyed innocent look*

ZH is another funny guy. He kept on playing computer games. I got stuck for my accounting tutorial and wanted to ask him because he already took it during summer. He ask me go find ZQ and don't disturb him. ZQ heard that then purposely go into his room to annoy him. Told ya this home very funny. Thank God Kang Wei went back to Malaysia or else i think i'll die of laughter.

Then David came after work at 1am and bought Macdonalds! Hey! Did you guys all have an ulterior motive to make me fat? I said i didn't want to eat then Yao took a nugget and stick it in front of my face.

Yao: Eat la. Won't get fat one. Give me face la, i'm feeding you leh.
Me: (ate the nugget) I'm telling you, tomorrow you are going running with me!
ZQ: Haiya, want to date Yao no need be so indirect la. Don't be shy. Just ask him directly.
Me: -_-"

Yay to Yao and Tay though. ZQ keep on suan me and the 2 of you side me:):):)

Me: Tay, ZQ is mean right?
Tay: (Nods head)
ZQ:(Not happy) Eh, Yao, you agree with me right?
Yao: Serene better.
ZQ: Don't know you two lah. I thought we are brothers?
Yao: Serene can be our sister what.

Wahaha... ZQ got owned totally. He must be so sad.
And i noticed i -_-" very often but yeah, it was funny though.

It was 1.46am when i finally finished everything and decided to go home. ZQ gave me his table lamp. So sweet of him. I was just asking him where to get one cute one like his and he was like, you think this is cute? Take it.*Stunned* David saw ZQ take out the lamp when i was going home and he was like, where are you taking the lamp. ZQ said, come here study got free gift*dotz*

Well, i can ensure that it is put to good use now. The light switch in my room is so far that i'm so worried that i'll trip and fall flat every night when i have to walk over to switch the lights off. Grr to my housemate who has two lamps and wouldn't give me the one that was supposed to be mine. Now with the lamp, i can hop into bed and turn over to switch off the lamp:) *stick tongue out at housemate*

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Today, went to eat Vietnamese food despite my loud protests. ZQ said he asked me but i didn't say anything so i should stop whinning and Ariffin gang up with him against me:( Well, it wasn't that bad though. I'm still alive:)

Met Bryan, Holven, Yao and Winnie in city! Yay! Holven finally sold his car:) And Yao is like so -_-". Asked me when i'm going their house to drink again. Well, Yao, if you are reading this, i want Muscat not beer! P.s: If you don't know what is Muscat, go google it!
Black is the 'in' colour again!

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More of Shonia and me in David's car:) My latest BFF!

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Yeah, considering that i had been bumming around the whole day until now. I'll go to bed a pretty happy girl:)

♥ Princess Serene

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