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Sunday, April 29, 2007 ♥
After Mid semester exams paaarty ♥ 4:44 PM

Oh yes, i do have a social life just that it is not that happening. Thankfully though because i don't think i can survive paartying every week. I'm feeling so crappy now thanks to sleeping at 5.30am. Damn, i'm getting old! Ok, maybe i'm not exactly party animal material.

If you guys really waited for me until 9.20pm and only started eating when i was there. I'm touched:P Thanks Holven and ZH for getting me from my home:):):)

Before the alcohol comes in...

Well, nobody got really drunk to the stage when you start puking. Maybe, we Asians know our limits. Yeah...

Yao long talked some random nonsense and was made to drink. Look at Christine's(circled in red) reaction. It must be a hell lot of alcohol in that cup.

I must be retarded because after that episode, i volunteered to pour drinks because i said i'm not drinking. Immediately, Romeo picked up a cup and pour vodka+Sprite and made me drink-_-"

Romeo, 你讲话不算数!I don't care you ang kong or not. Half means half ok!*pout*
Vodka is disgusting! Buy Muscat next time! It's also 40% alcohol but sweet:)

Some guys pumped up with alcohol in their blood decided to go car racing. Thank God no accidents happened. Which reminds me... Bryan, remember to bring me to the tunnel! I WANT to hear the loud louuud sound:)
Vivian keeps losing and somebody is getting very worried.
Part 1- Guess the number.

I don't understand why Bryan and Romeo wants me to play so much. I already said i can't hold my drink-_-" Lucky i never lost:P

Christine says that she didn't lose and she wants to drink and proceeded to pour herself a generous amount of Jim Bean.

The Romeo i had been speaking about. Yeah, the one in orange. 'Don't play play ah, people got ang kong one, you not scared is it?' as quoted from Mr ZQ when i argue about downing the vodka mixture.

Romeo and Juliet

Break time before part 2

Part 2- Heart attack! Too bad, nobody got drunk enough to do stupid stuff:P Christine and Winnie! Your faces were damn red but then you two didn't do anything stupid this time:D
Mawoo can really hold her drinks! She has been downing so much without signs of getting wasted. Admirable!
I decided to join in later since the offer that Bryan will match 5 cups to my one cup is just too irresistable. Too bad i can't verify his offer since my reaction is much faster than those already slightly drunk:(

I didn't get drunk. Never wanted to ever since the Rottnest incident when Winnie and Christine started rambling nonsense after getting high. Anyway, i found out that i don't need alcohol to get high. I just need to get sleep deprived then i'll get hyper and start talking nonsense because... I don't know either. At 1-2am, when most people got wasted and the alcohol is all finished, i started getting hyper and wanted to drink-_-"
I think i annoyed the hell out of the rest because they were like a little drunk and i wouldn't shut up. Well, i can't see why we can't play Manjong. I want to learn!

And Mawoo, the only Japanese there was the only patient one to teach me Manjong and entertain me:) Damn, and she can really hold her drink well. I'm impressed!

Some big time narcissism at 3.30am in the morning. I must be insane!

Ok, i realised i looked damn old:( I don't want to be old*screams*
Decided that i wasn't tired enough for bed so i watched Heroes episode 19! So good:):):) I want to watch the rest of the season!
Anyway, never try sleeping at 5.30am because the next day you feel like crap. The very reason why i never go clubbing. I'll just spend the whole of Sunday recovering. It doesn't matter whether you slept 8 hours till the next day because you will still feel like sooo tired after you wake up.

♥ Princess Serene

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