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Thursday, March 01, 2007 ♥
Friends ♥ 9:11 PM

I had been thinking. I'm very grateful for the friends that i have. Like real friends that stand by me and remind me constantly of who i am. I'm not saying that the rest are not real friends but perhaps fate does not allow us an opportunity to know each other better that i could trust you. For me, i find it hard to find really close friends whom i can trust whole heartedly. As you know, i'm extremely gullible and ABSOLUTELY believe in whatever people say. I know i'm contradicting myself but then you know what i mean. When it comes to important stuff that concerns my life, there are only that handful of people that i wholeheartedly trust. And it takes years to earn that trust which could be dashed in a few minutes. Perhaps, that is why i cant find a boyfriend-_-"

I'm extremely thankful for the real friends i have. Especially my two darlings( you know who you are lah). Although i'm more well-to-do and could have mixed around with another different group, i never gave that option a thought. Perhaps you already know the answer. Most rich people are usually backstabbing and bitchy( i said most, not all), how would i survive in that? Just look at the society, like all those tai tais and their LVs. Do you really think they are friends? Without money, where will their friends be? I feel the most comfortable with the two of you although you can't understand my love for Loewe, Tods and Coach. Now that i'm still relying on F&M bank, i shouldn't get them. Wait till i get my first bank check*grins*

Ok, i have never been REALLY broke before but i honestly trust that you two will not desert me at that lowest point of my life. We gone through so much already. Whenever i feel lost, you guys always remind me of who i am. I really appreciate that you respect my religion, that i can't go out on Friday nights and Saturdays when it is the time when most youths hang out. Not only that, I saved so much money because only you two have the guts to tell me the truth. Like if the blouse i like isn't nice, you leave out the niceties and just say that it sucks. Although sometimes i don't care what you guys say and go ahead to buy it. Usually, I ended up not wearing it in the end*blush* Yeah, go ahead and tell me ' i told you so'. I can take it:p Now that the two of you are not with me, i spend like crazy over here. Damnit!

Even in Australia, being in a differnt environment, you guys never fail to remind me that i was fortunate to go abroad to further my studies and that i should know that my priority is to do well. I never forget that and maybe, partially, this contribute to the fact that i get pretty good grades.

I'm not saying that i havent found any good friends over here. In fact i got loads. Perhaps due to the short period of time that i knew them, i couldn't very well say that they are my bestest friends. I refused to tell them that they are my best of friends simply because that is not true and i won't tell a lie just so that they feel good. But then, i do hope they will too eventually become one of my close friends, not only during my time in Canning but in the future too. Even before this semester ends, i already could foresee that some of us may never meet again or downgrade to the 'Hi and Bye' category of friends. I never wish that to happen, but that time will come to past. Oh, i'm such a pessimist, ain't i? But that is the truth and i will not hide it.

I really hope that i can also find friends like the two of you in church and in Perth. But you know how hard for me to find this kind of friends. Of course i trust many of my friends in church but how many will laugh at the jokes i say, have the same taste as me and assure me that everything will eventually be fine when things goes wrong? I sorely want more friends like you two*sigh*

I thank you for being so patient with me, not judge me, stand by me all the time, still love me no matter how i look, keep me sane, encouraged me all these times, guide me when i feel lost, let me let my hair down and had a fun time together... Ok, whatever i say will never be enough to say how much i treasure the two of you...

I know this blog entry is extremely random but then i was suddenly aspired to write it. Maybe after a bout of shopping and me being so tired that i became sober:P

♥ Princess Serene

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