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Monday, March 05, 2007 ♥
Floreat beach and End of CNY dinner ♥ 9:12 PM

Sunday was mostly spent at Floreat beach. Thank God the weather was wonderful. The blue clear sky, cool sea water, fine sandy beach, great people with me. Perfect.

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Henry giving instructions before we start building sand castles:)
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The all girls team! Sisters rocks!
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Played beach volley after that. Today i was wondering how come my knees hurt and there were bruises. Then i remember that i dived so much for the ball so yeah, i'm sooo rough. Now i got ugly knees:(

BBQ lunch! Soooo nice especially when ya hungry.
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Got bored after a while and started taking pictures...

Ben and i. I'm pretty sure my head wasn't leaning on him when i took the photo. Hmm, now, don't get ideas, he just happened to be beside me so yeah.
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Me, with Su jie(Yvonne's cousin) and Raissa. I feel so sad when i see Su jie. She looked more matured than me but she is only 17??? Hello, what has this world come to?
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Had Icey ice on Saturday but Stephen haven't tried it before sooo we went again-_-"
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Stephen, you better appreciate it. I was so craving for bubble tea but just for you i went icey ice though not that i mind*grin*
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Went for a lil' shopping then that 2 hungry pigs(read: Ben and Stephen) decided to go Jaws for sushi because their friend( I think his name is Aaron) was there and they can get like more food. They ate sooo much. I can't understand how come guys seemed to have a bottomless pit in their body. They were like, 'Serene, if you are hungry just eat'. I'm seriously not hungry la. Seeing them eat is enough. Really.

Came home to continue the eating binge. My goodness! It's not everyday that we get to eat steam boat so i asked what was the occasion. Auntie Cat was like today is the last day of the Chinese New Year so we are celebrating? Do you celebrate the last day of CNY? Well, i usually don't but it's cool, not that i mind*blush* Poor Natasha was working so she missed it. The girl on my right is my housemate from Hong Kong. She speaks English like a Singaporean man! All the lahs and lors*chuckle*
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I spent like 7 hours on the beach but then i hardly got tanned? I know i put sunscreen but then even so, i should be at least a BIT tanned right? My skin hurts though:(

Sunday was fabulous and left me exhausted. I slept like a baby until the next morning. Never been that tired for such a long time already.

But somehow, i still feel lonely. Something is missing in my heart.

♥ Princess Serene

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