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Thursday, March 29, 2007 ♥
Am i spoilt? ♥ 11:12 PM

Today, when Phoebe(my current housemate) came home, i heard the 'cling' of the gate but the lights on the driveway didn't turn on. You see, whenever a car enters, the sensor will sense(obviously, duh?) and the lights will come on.

So, as usual, out of curiosity, i asked her. How did you get home? She told me she walked. She bloody walked for 5 minutes in the dark??? Oh my goodness. I think i looked extremely surprised because she just shrug her shoulders and said, i always does that anyway.

Hello?? This is Perth, where people get randomly killed outside for no reason and you walked alone in the dark for 5 minutes? For a girl who is rather petite, i consider that admirable. Well, one thing for sure, you won't catch me walking home at night after 6pm.

I'm sorry but if you want to meet me, whatever it is, i must be home before dark. Sooo, unless you got a car to send me home after dark, you can forget about going out at night. Maybe this explains why my social life at night kinda of sucks. Except on Friday and Saturday night where i would be in church, i would usually be home, well either bumming around or studying.Well, at least i'm not clubbing! Ain't you proud of me, Mum and Dad?

Ok, i think i'm spoilt but i got my safety to think about. Of course, in Singapore, it's a different matter*grins* Whatever time it is, i'll be there. Just get me a cab:P

♥ Princess Serene

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