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Wednesday, February 14, 2007 ♥
Vday 2007 ♥ 11:00 PM

Once again, the day when flowers sell for exorbitant prices and singles are supposed to feel digustingly out of place. And no, i didn't spend this day alone...

Because, i spent the whole afternoon with these 2 crazy women!

We were more like walking up and down in the pool 4 or 5 times instead of swimming laps then it rained-_-"

Spa and sauna was fun except that Esther and Rp wasn't as heat tolerant as i was.

You two girls rock! Although we have different characters but then somehow we are still close friends. This is amazing! Cant wait to meet you guys again:):):)


First the fail attempt. We look erm, very dark.
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It was freaking hot and i thought the timer will take long. I look bimbotic:(
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All of us look like retards!
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Finally, we got one we all like:)
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At night, i had a date with God. Everything went well:)

Tranis freaking bite out his feeding container and toss it on the floor for the third time already! I think he is pretty upset he didn't have a date today.

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♥ Princess Serene

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