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Tuesday, February 13, 2007 ♥
Shopping with Shonia in Singapore ♥ 1:29 AM

is awesome! Well, for me who initially didn't want to get anything and ended up being the one with most stuff. I think it's ok considering the retail therapy in Perth aint that wonderful.

Before that, i went to Causeway Point with Mum to do some lingerie shopping. Now i know where the fats went to:) Well, i'm not complaining but i hope it doesn't get any bigger because i heard it aint too good for your back. Ok, who told me that??? Anyway, I tell you, it is GOOD to go shopping with your mum. F&M bank:P Now if only i can drag her to city to get that $119 Zara skirt i saw today.

Oh, and how could i forget about Mr Zhi Qiang aka 'the liar' treating us at the Japanese restaurant Raku Ninja. Food is not bad, but green tea ice cream was great!Thank you so much but you are still 'the liar';P That's for lying to me.
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Met his brother, Zhi Wei, who is equally crap as him. I have a funny feeling that Zhi wei will mix well with the Aussies with his beer loving habit.

♥ Princess Serene

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