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Tuesday, February 20, 2007 ♥
Happy Chinese New Year! ♥ 4:10 PM

Truckload of pictures but too tired to post it. I thought that going back to grandpop's place would be another round of peace and quiet. I'm so wrong. All my cousins stayed up playing poker(which i'm totally is not in favour) and drinks until the cock crows and we were like &*%6$! And all of us ran to bed because we didn't want a lecture from our Grandparents, aunties, uncles. I tell you, everytime somebody wants to start a lecture, we keep saying 'yi nian yi chi'(once a year) and you can see them sigh in exasperation and leave. Super funny:) I want to be a cool auntie next time and let my nephews and nieces play until dawn breaks! (that's if Alvin ever get married*hint hint*)

Pictures up soon when i'm finished with all the visiting and stuff!

Darn, my body clock is so screwed... Oh, and my mp3 seemed to have died on me thanks to my cousin's imac.. Damn the imac:( Any sponsors for a new mp3???

P.s: I have 11,388 readers since one year ago! Woah, that's a lot for a small time blogger like me:) Thank you all blogders for your support!
P.s.s: At this point of time, my lugguge weight 25kg and i'm wondering how i'm gonna bring everything i want over since i still got more stuff. Tough decisions coming up soon:(

♥ Princess Serene

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