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Tuesday, February 27, 2007 ♥
Done unpacking... finally ♥ 3:37 PM

Owwww, my shoulders are aching. How did i managed to bring so much stuff over still never cease to amaze me. I really appreciate my brother for being such a gentleman(for once). He carried all my stuff while i can go freehand because everything is heavy. Haha, but he still refuses to admit that he misses me:P

If you minus all the stuff on the floor and bed, then that would be what my room looked like now with everything stowed away neatly.

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Dinner at Kor kor Henry's place on Sunday and Wilson and Henry was playing some games. Heaps of fun and food was yummy!

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Can anybody tell me what is the difference between green and purple grapes? Besides the fact that they are two different colours.

First week of school is so slack that i wonder whether i should get a job or not. But then i have a feeling that after this week, my time will fly at a neck breaking speed with homework piling up. I really do hope*cross fingers* that i pass my Management 100. My management 100 lecturer scolded me for being stupid to sign up for this unit again. What if i fail? I'm almost Singaporean so i tend to be kiasu(afraid to lose) sometimes too what:P

Slacking at home now because it is just too hot to do anything else. Not much chance to do this kind of slacking after this month i guess:(

♥ Princess Serene

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