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Thursday, January 18, 2007 ♥
To be happy or sad? ♥ 9:29 PM

Yay! I got what i prayed for! I asked for a fine day until late afternoon because i really want to go to the zoo very badly and God granted my wishes=) I didn't bring my camera along knowing that there are gonna be two expensive cameras coming along. My digital camera is nothing to their DSLR so bring for what? We took so many pictures while paying visits to Ernie's friends the baboons as well as my friend, Inuka the polar bear. I was the only girl again because not everybody is as keen as me to wake up at 8am to go to the zoo. Either that or they are working or studying. So in the end, Madcow, Ernie, Victor and Jonny went.

I have decided. For my birthday this year, i want a pet pink tiger. I can't see why i can't have a pink tiger when there are white tigers around. If that is not possible, i don't mind a polar bear.. Awww, they are all so cute! I want to kidnap them and bring them home!!!

Walking around zoo took an unbelieveable 8 hours. I think going zoo is so much cheaper than shopping. Despite the exorbitant prices they charge for food, it is still cheaper than walking through a mall. And the best thing is in this humid island, you get to sweat out the toxic and lose weight!

Later when i came home, my dad told me i got a letter from UWA. I didn't thought much of it until later when i open it out. I think my dad was pretty curious about what it was about too. Both of us must be thinking that it must concern school fees again. I must really brush up on my speed reading or perhaps, the news hasn't really sink in that i got a scholarship!!! My dad was like, ' hey Serene, that is a scholarship!' The next moment had me hopping around like a siao gin na(crazy girl). However, when i read more thoroughly after i had calmed down, i realised i wasn't the only one. I'm going to share it with 2 other persons:( So the scholarship will pay only 1/3 of my school fees. So am i still supposed to be happy or sad? It's a mixed feeling for me. Happy that i got something pretty for my resume, sad that i got to shared it, mixed feeling because this is what God decided for me- to stay in Perth. I'm kinda disappointed that i'm aint the best but then again, this is only my first semester. Uncertain times ahead of me... Am i able to maintain the standard to allow me to keep this scholarship? Should i give this scholarship and try again next semester as what the letter suggested? In some ways, this scholarship gave me more complex problems to think about.

Anyway, i can't wait to meet RP for shopping again! Yay! And after that both of us are gonna meet Esther for dinner. I can't wait to see my 2 darlings:):):) Complicated things can wait for God to resolve. He is my Father and I know that what He planned for me would be the best. Now, i just need to find out what He wants me to do*Sigh*

♥ Princess Serene

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