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Thursday, January 11, 2007 ♥
I want to.. ♥ 9:35 PM

How is it that some people have the ability to stay up the whole night or wake up super early? Plus the fact that they only require only six hours of sleep further agitate me. NOT FAIR! I can't seem to understand how my friends especially engineering students can survive on 2 hours of sleep and still look pretty much alert the next day. I tried doing that on my trip to US and nevertheless to say, i felt like crap.
Notice how people appear on MSN like after 12am? That is the time i'm feeling extremely sleepy but there are some people that i really want to talk to and hence the results is that i wake up with a bad headache the next day. I can't comprehend how people can stay up till the wee hours and sleep like a log until 3pm in the afternoon. I just couldn't. Not matter what, the latest is 1pm and then the usual, damn headache that last for hours. Think of how many brain cells died in the process*shake head*
Ok, i feel better now. Excuse my meaningless rumblings.

♥ Princess Serene

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