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Tuesday, December 05, 2006 ♥
Out with my 2 big brothers ♥ 1:46 PM

was fun fun fun + Laughter.

First, i met up with the South African who just arrived yesterday and they looked like walking zombies since they had been on the plane for 10 hours. Still, they are determined to shop. Wow, the Zulu spirit=) Jerick and Carmen still looked the same since i last saw them. We had dinner at Pepper Lunch at Takashimaya. Esther, it still taste ok for me though. Maybe that wasn't your day.

At Pepper Lunch. From left:Mad cow, Jerick, Ernie, Kynton, Me, Abigail, Carmen
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Since Jerick was tired, and the rest have to go for their theolo's opening ceremony, that left only the 3 of us. Madcow, Ernie and the princess=)

Ernie have lots of money so he wanted to buy a camera and hence for the first time in my entire life(i think) i stepped in Lucky Plaza.. Dodgy place.

I went into a shoe shop at Lucky plaza and i wanted to try some shoes. Whatever shoes i want, the lady looked at it and say 'no size'. WTH!

So, we went to Far East:) And i kind of 疯狂 shopping. Mad cow and Ernie self proclaimed to be my Royal professor/advisor to comment on the things i choose. He said so many funny things that even the salesladies serving me was trying hard not to laugh. I tried so many pairs of shoes but finally Mad cow chose one for me and i liked it sooooo that it became my belated birthday present. Nice?

I love it! It is made of leather and super comfy:) Thank you Mad cow!
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I shall not bore you with the list of stuff i buy. Ernie says he save money coz he won't have time to do his shopping when i dash to all the shops that scream 'Sales'.

I can't believe how these 2 person stay thin. They keep on eating! And i couldn't very well eat those stuff they are eating because of my freaking sore throat! Grrrr.

As promised, a pink mole for you! Act cute Ernie will never win the cute princess:)
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I thought the box looks so cute! Just to show you how small it is, Ernie says you must put your finger next to the box-_-" That is his finger by the way.
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Then, after their supper, we went to Mc Cafe for coffee. I had a slice of cheesecake. Yum!

All pictures here were taken by Mad cow
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Then Ernie say he will help the 2 of us take. Lousy photographer! Its blurry:(
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Oh, i got a new web cam:) Ernie says he will give me as a birthday present but nah, its expensive. Buy me something else ok? But not from Mustafa:P
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Thank you so much to you 2! The Chin Cousins Jokers Private Limited. 'You can Always count on us when you need rubbish' I was laughing so much that i think i got well toned abs now... Kor kor Wilson and Brucey, you 2 must jia you!

There are actually more pictures but at this point of time, Ernie is still half asleep and declared that he had a sore throat so yeah, blame him:)

♥ Princess Serene

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