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Monday, December 04, 2006 ♥
Adventureous soul snuffed ♥ 1:34 PM

I just booked my flight to Indonesia. I'm going to take the Emirates airline because the rest of the gang going is going to take that airline too. I'm excited because i never taken that airline before and in the advertisement, i noticed the air stewardess' uniform is really pretty.

Initially, i wanted to stay for an extra couple of days but then everybody is going back on the 1st og January. I would be staying at Fresa's place so if she go home, its either the streets or hotel. Obviously, hotel would be the choice. Fresa and Vicky had violent objections to me being alone.

Fresa: Girl, you want to stay in the hotel alone ah? You can just stay in the hotel, dun need to come out already.
Vicky:(Head nodding in agreement)
Me: Why?
Fresa: Look at your cheena face, then girl some more..
Vicky: Ya la...
Me: Then i can employ a tour guide to bring me around what.
Fresa: No, this is Indonesia, very dangerous.
Me: :(

So, they managed to dissuade scare me to not overstaying unless i can contact Erick or Robby which i think is highly impossible because neither had appeared on MSN for a long time. Well, they, the Indonesians, say it is not safe so i not defaming the country or something ok. I so want to explore the country but if they say i wouldn't last one thirty seconds out the hotel, i think i should trust them. Well, my adventureous spirit can wait till Singapore and Ernie can bring me around to explore Singapore again.

P.s: Thank you Emmy for the frank and touching letter to me on your blog

♥ Princess Serene

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