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Monday, November 27, 2006 ♥
Meeting up with my old friends ♥ 11:13 PM

As usual, lots to talk but not enough time. Still, i enjoyed immensely and also the realisation that i better buck up or i'll lose my title as the shopping queen. Only 5 hours walk and i'm already tired*shake head* That's not the way to go... I used to be able to last from morning to night. Oh wells, i got 3 months here to train=)

Pictures again!

We decided to eat Mos burger coz i'm fast food deprived! Can you believe it? Me in Perth yet fast food deprived? Well, the fact is Singapore's fast food is still the best with the exception of Subway compared to Perth.

Rui Ping and I
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Esther and I
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Thought Diana would like to see this. See the pouffy skirt! Maybe inspiration for your Lolita dressing=)
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In the MRT...
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We were bored. I just wish the pictures weren't that blurry:(
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I'm exhausted now. Tomorrow is going to be another long day... Oh, anybody want to go zoo on thursday?

♥ Princess Serene

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