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Thursday, October 19, 2006 ♥
Secrets ♥ 6:31 PM

There will always be things that i can never talk about, not even to my closest friends much less this blog. I'm sorry, that i couldn't trust anyone. Not ever since so many incidents where i got hurt instead. All had been long forgiven yet the scar is still fresh in my mind. They say time heals all wounds. It has been 2 years...

Please don't force me to tell you what's wrong with me, i really couldn't bring myself to do that. I really appreciate you always being by my side, even though you didn't know what the hell is wrong with me.

I have so many secrets within me that i so badly want to share but couldn't. Maybe, all of them will always be close to my heart and go to the grave with me. I don't know.

Perhaps one day, when the scars had disappeared, i can start trusting somebody. Right now, i'm still not ready...

♥ Princess Serene

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