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Sunday, October 22, 2006 ♥
My weekend ♥ 7:31 PM

I'm spoilt every Saturday! Mitchell always bring her delicious food which she learnt to make in her bakery classes. I think i'm getting fat from all the cream i consumed:(

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I had dinner at some Vietnamese place. I honestly don't like vietnamese food. Well, majority wins so have to follow the crowd. And i suppose if not for his sister, Max will be a very happy guy because i didn't eat much so i could have given him my dinner. Sorry Max, you are getting too big for your own good!

Lisa, Me and Ruth
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Ruth with the same pose i took with you back in 2003?

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Max looks like he is doing what he do best- farting

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I didn't know guys love to take photos.. These 2 incorrigible big brothers of mine flooded my camera with their pictures. Ahhhhh!
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Then its over to Utopia, my favourite place:D Henry was bored so he started to build the house of cards. Actually, that how far he went... Coz after that, all the cards collapse.
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I didn't know what to order so Wilson ordered for me. Luckily it wasn't as disgusting as what Brucey ordered for him. Kiwi something.. Ewww. Mine was green apple with pudding. It wasn't that bad. Yeah.

Debbie jie sent me home again. We dropped Ken home first but then he forgot his keys so we went on a road trip to church again. Yay! Actually, it was kinda of crazy because its was nearly 12am. When we were at church, we had a mini treasure hunt. Then Ken realised that the keys were in the car all along-_-"

Today, went to have tea cum dinner with Stepfie Stephen. I still can't believe i actually lost our bet! Maybe Perth guys are less inclined to play dota then those in Singapore*wink wink to my dear brothers in Singapore*

At Jaws. I think i'm getting blind because the sign was flashing in front of me and i can ask Stephen where the signboard is.
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Stephen can't differentiate Tuna from Salmon. Muahaha, let out your little secret:P We got 3 pieces of sushi because the cute Japanese guy forgot about our order. When he was taking soup from the container which happens to be in front of us, both of us was like looking at him. His reaction was classic.

Don't the sushi look soooo appetising?*evil grin*
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Ok, he paid. Guys' ego, can't argue>.< A happy and satisfied me in Stephen's car:)
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Exams in less than a month's time. Serene! Why are you still blogging??

♥ Princess Serene

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