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Thursday, October 26, 2006 ♥
Joondalup ♥ 7:58 PM

I ended lessons early today! Since Kang Wei and gang were going Joondalup, and i never been there before, i decided to tag along and drag Daisy with me so that i won't be the only girl. Since Kelvin needs to go home, he sent us to Bryan's home first because Bryan is driving another car. I'm telling you, if you got a weak heart, please don't ever sit in Kelvin's car, he is the craziest even though he's a new driver. Thank God for Erick and Kang Wei for hogging the 2 lanes so Kelvin can't do his stunts.

Kelvin: Hey! If next year there's project, let's do it together again.
Cassandra, Daisy and Me: .... + -_-"+ O.o

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Road hogs:)
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For people who are not in Perth, Joondalup is just a suburb which is about 30 minutes drive from the city. When you say you are going to Joondalup, people will look at you as if you are crazy because there is absolutely NOTHING there. Feels like a ghost town in the afternoon. Think black and white cowboy shows.

Anyway, the guys claimed that the Japanese curry there is good so i suppose its worth the trip.

Thanks Bryan for taking the picture and the lunch treat=)
You guys spoil me crazy! Every time saying the next time will be my treat but when will the next time be when you guys keep taking turns to treat me???
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Mum, this Japanese curry taste like yours!
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Sneaky Daisy!
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I must be really tired from the road trip, i just collapse on the sofa and didn't know that Daisy was taking my picture. I like it though;)
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It was such a beautiful day! View from Bryan's home
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Outside Zhi Qiang, Zhi Hao and Kang Wei's new home. I don't know how these 3 crazy people can live together. Gonna be interesting!
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So tired now. Must be the travelling and the excitement caused when Kang Wei and Bryan keep messing around on the road although i was pretty much alseep most of the time in the car. Today is awesome guys! Thanks for making today a happier day:)

♥ Princess Serene

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