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Saturday, October 07, 2006 ♥
History repeats itself again ♥ 11:22 PM

Once again, i reaped the results of procrastination. Rush and rush assignments, getting frustrated and knowing that i could have done better if i had more time.

A few weeks ago, i was whinning away about how i'm dying because i'm rushing my assignments and studying for my tests. I didn't really doing well considering the efforts i put in. Like 70% average? Ok, don't give me that look. I'm aiming for a scholarship so 70% ain't getting me any closer to that scholarship. Sigh...

Let's see, my stupid procrastination habit goes a loooong way back. First, in my Primary School Leaving Examinations(PSLE) I only studied like the night BEFORE the exams. Thank God i still did relatively well to enter the express stream. Then, in Secondary four, I started doing my ten years series only the MONTH before the exams when everybody did it like 3 times already? Thank God i'm born with good genes so i made it into a Junior College(JC). In my JC, i REPEATED the same damn cycle again. Besides that, for my piano exams, i always memorise theory stuff the week before and practise really hard for the practical only the week before.

Ok, I think i'm the only idiot who can repeat this same vicious cycle for so many freaking times*shake head sadly*

How? I don't think i deserve those sympathies when i say i'm going nuts from rushing my stuff but then this is a difficult habit to quit. I always say i want to change this habit but then i can't help it. I keep doing it AGAIN and AGAIN. Will anybody help me?

♥ Princess Serene

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