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Sunday, October 15, 2006 ♥
Happier:) ♥ 2:42 PM

Thank God i got short term memory and an optimistic outlook. One night sleep and i'm feeling happier.

Lisa was complaining that i never put our picture as my display picture on MSN so i decided to put not only on MSN messager but also on my blog. So here's a big ass photo of us. Happy?

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Before this picture, Bruce keep wanting to be in our picture. Give you chance la.

2 pretty roses AND one thorn

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Had dinner at Utopia and was CONNED! I know that Utopia serve vegetarian food but what i didn't know was that when the menu says 'fish and chips' its means soy flour and chips.

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Lisa: Do you know that this is not real fish and chips?
Me: REALLY.. No wonder*start stabbing the imposter*
Wilson: Then why you think so cheap?
Lisa: $8 is not cheap for vegetables!
Me: Awwww, how can i be so stupid?? Should have ordered fried rice, at least its real:(
Lisa:(take a bite) Ok la, taste like real fish anyway.

Thanks for the comfort Lisa but i prefer REAL fish and chips.

Friday was Daisy's birthday. Made a college for you. Not very nice but again, my photoshop skills ain't that wonderful. Haiz, spent so much time doing it but it still look like crap. Anyone want to teach me to make a nicer one? Anyway, hope you like it:)

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This video had me laughing. ZQ, you can forget about your reputation, although i think you just endeared yourself to more girls;) Awww, so cute!

I'll pass you all the pictures and the video when i see you ok?

♥ Princess Serene

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