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Sunday, October 29, 2006 ♥
Finally... ♥ 9:14 PM

My prayers had been answered.

No wonder my dad say that it was good news but he said to wait for mum to tell me. As you guys know, i wanted a baby but my dad said mum isn't pregnant. I guessed a puppy but it wasn't either.

After 7 years, my birthday wish had been answered. 7 long years, same wish. Not in my wildest dream that i thought that my wish had been granted-at last. The thing i wanted most in the world is just that my dad get baptised so that we can one day meet together in heaven.

Thanks dad, now i can change my birthday wish to something as important like getting a boyfriend.. Kidding:P Too busy to think about that now.

I think i can go insane now! I'm really sooooo happy. Undescribable joy=)=)=)

Spreading my happiness to everybody. I want to shout to the world but even so, that wouldn't be able to express all my joy. For once, i want to go back to Singapore and give daddy a big big hug=)

♥ Princess Serene

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