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Sunday, October 08, 2006 ♥
Farm outing ♥ 9:00 PM

I love the countryside in Perth. So carefree and happy. Laughing at the silliest thing. If only life is always like that, then there will be no heaven. I am in heaven.

I should STOP daydreaming. Oh well, at least i spent my whole day enjoying myself at the countryside and getting sun burnt. Yes, my cheeks are burning now and looked like i overdosed on blusher. So tired now...

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Anyway, I had been thinking. Thinking about what was said to me about my dressing up.

I dress well because i love to dress up. I mean, you should know, i'm super girly, so understandably, i would love all things pink and own more clothes that i should. I don't see how dressing up would mean i like somebody. I honestly don't see the link. Am i so desperate? Nah. Although i some times bemoan about not having a boyfriend, i'm just making a laugh out of it. I'm extremely fine without one, thank you very much. I'm perfectly independent and i CAN do anything myself.

Ok, did i just digress? Anyway, the point is, I never really thought that far. Thank you that piece of insight. But, i treat you all as my big brothers. A and B are, in a way far too immatured for me(although they are lots of fun to be with:), so who is there to impress? Even so, i hope people out they are not so shallow to only look on the surface. Please please look at inner beauty too. I don't confess to be beautiful inside, but i'm working on it. Not for any guys, but for God.

Sometimes, its nice to have a boyfriend. I'm still waiting for the one God prepared for me. Not in my time but in His time.

♥ Princess Serene

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