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Wednesday, October 18, 2006 ♥
Alive ♥ 6:55 PM

In case you are wondering, i'm still well and alive. I think i just fell in love with driving:)

I was in my instructor's car for only like 15 minutes going through all the theory part of driving when my instructor, Tom, asked me to be in the driver seat and START driving. I must have given him that incredulous look because he ensured me that i'll be fine. Yeah, of course nobody gonna die because he can control my brakes on the passenger side! I didn't get far anyway since i keep stalling. So, he recommended me to learn auto first which means we have to change cars at his home.

If anybody noticed a girl wearing pink clutching the steering wheel of a red car like her life depends on it, that girl is me. I drove from welshpool to home. How cool is that? First driving lesson ok? Can't wait for my next lesson which is probably this Friday at freaking 7am. For once, this is something worth getting up early for. I believe i'll be wide AWAKE by the time my lesson ends:P

♥ Princess Serene

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