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Wednesday, September 27, 2006 ♥
What i did ♥ 11:07 PM

on the free day of my holiday...

I have a long nice nap then off to city.

I took my driving theory test and i passed! Yay:):):) One step nearer to driving!

Then after that, met Diana and Mitchell to go to the hair salon.

Unflattering view of Mitchell and her oh-so-thick-and-luscious hair.
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I decided to have extensions long time ago so finally i had them. Blond and purple.

Mitchell insisted that i take a 'before' picture.
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I refused to disclose how much the extensions cost so don't ask! I love it coz i purposely place it at a area where i can hide it when the situation demands it. Smart yeah?

I'm sure many of you might wonder how my homesister look like. She's really nice and we talk a lot:)
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And a big ass picture of a happy me:)

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♥ Princess Serene

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