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Sunday, September 24, 2006 ♥
So ♥ 1:40 PM

Ben was the star of the day because he dyed highlighted his hair with blond patches and was obviously owned by his mum. See, i told you to get extensions and you didn't listen. But i quite like your new hair though:)

He looked so sad because he got owned by his mum and i was laughing at him. Muahaha, pardon the mean streak in me.
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The first time i try Nando's for the first time and man, are they good:)

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They got extra hot, hot, mild and ditto. Guess what i order? HOT! Now, Esther and RP, ain't you proud of me?

And don't ask me why i didn't order extra hot. You want me to die is it? Maybe next time after sufficient training. Or when you guys come over to visit me?
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Max and Johnny are like arch enemies. Nah, they are just playful... Fight fight fight! I want to see entertainment! I think Johnny was not really happy that Max touched his moobs. This two offer me lots of entertainment. I'm loving it!
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P.s: Mum, i was chatting with my homestay Uncle and Aunty and they were telling me that all the fruit farms are in the North. That's why when we were travelling down South, we only saw cows and sheeps. Next time you come i drive you to the fruit farms ok? Dad*hint hint, nudge nudge*

♥ Princess Serene

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