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Sunday, September 17, 2006 ♥
Slogging my life away ♥ 1:24 PM


Alvin:May you continue to walk in the LORD and please please please grow up and be nicer to your sister!

Debbie: Being one year older is nothing man! You still look so pretty and young:) May you continue to seve the LORD and guide the young ones!

I really do hope Alvin mean it. If so, this REALLY make my day:)

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I was so glad that Friday was over. I can't describe how crazy it was on Friday. One test, two assignments.. Argh, craziness. I was so so tired that if i have to take the bus home, you probably will see me in the papers the next day. I bet it would even make it to the front paper. Anyway, enough of digressing. Thank you Holven for being so sweet and sending me home. I seriously thought you were kidding when you told me on MSN the previous day that you are sending me home. So so sorry that you could have gone home 3 hours earlier but you waited and even did my contents page for me. I honestly appreciate your help. Hmm, lunch treat ok? Haha:)

Holven's precious skyline. He refused to be photographed with his car so yeah.
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Tired but happy that i'm on my way home.
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When i got home, all i could do is tumble into bed. K.O. but then of all times, people have to CALL me and one after the other.

In the end, i woke up even more befuddled and luckily Cliff is on holidays and can send me to church:):):)

Don't you think this cookie looks so cute? Its pink!
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In church with Max. He looks so cute;) This picture always cracks me up.
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I can't help but keep thinking about the sermon yesterday about being greedy and not caring about others. It kinda of hit the nail on the spot. I think i'm getting greedy wanting all 70% for my tests and not helping others enough. No wonder i'm so stressed up! And I'm sorry if i had been a meanie and been unkind or hurt anybody. I want to change too! Help me ok?

Argh, need to study for my mid semester test now coz tonight Tasha(my homesister) is having her belated birthday celebration. I hope i don't feel left out coz its kinda of a family thingy.

♥ Princess Serene

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