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Saturday, September 30, 2006 ♥
Coincidence ♥ 11:12 PM

I can't believe that i met a new Singaporean at church today much less a Yishun Towner! Actually Yuliana brought him to church and i ended up chatting with him. His name is Dominic by the way.

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Me: Which uni are you at?
Dominic: Oh, UWA
Me: Study?
Dominic: Commerce
Me: Then i'll see ya next year! So which JC did you go?
Dominic: Actually i left after Sec 3
Me: Oh, then which secondary school did you go?
Dominic: Some neighbourhood school la.
Me:(Look at him expectantly for the answer)
Dominic: (After moment of hesitation) Yishun Town
(Moment of silence)
Me: ( eyes grew huge) No way! I'm from there! Are you kidding???

Shan't bore you further with the conversation but apparently, he is one year my junior. Total coolness!

P.s: There is nothing to be ashamed of being in a neighbourhood school. Won't elaborate further coz its a long story. Will talk more about this in another blog entry.

♥ Princess Serene

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