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Thursday, September 21, 2006 ♥
Blessed ♥ 9:45 PM

Some one asked me why my MSN nickname is BLESSED. Is there something wrong with being blessed? Or am i supposed to be always in suffering and pain?

I'm not sure but i learn to appreciate simple things around me such as a lift to home, a nice passing remark or even just a sweet from somebody. I supposed it's because i'm deprived from certain privileges now that i'm alone in Australia. As in alone like my parents are not around to entertain me.

Now nobody drives me to school EVERY MORNING or come to fetch me after a 'Daddy, can you come fetch me now?' phone call. I guess i need to learn to be independent and STOP feeling sorry for myself.

Honestly, i should feel blessed. How many people actually found God and know that He is always there for you? How many people can afford to study in a local university much less an overseas one? How many people have such wonderful friends who really cares about me? Think about it.

Its only when you start counting your blessings that you will feel blessed. Sure, difficult times will come but then, that would pass. I know its hard to say that you are blessed especially when the going gets tough. However, just as the hymn 368 goes, 'Many things about tomorrow, I don't seem to understand; But I know who holds tomorrow, And I know who holds my hand.'

This hymn is deeply eteched into my memory just as the person who made us sang this hymn for 20 something days back in 2004.

♥ Princess Serene

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